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About the Location of the G-zone (G-spot) Anatomy Chart

The "Location of the G-zone (G-spot)" chart is an anatomical illustration designed by Andrew Barnes to outline the position and associated structures of the G-zone, or G-spot, within the female genital anatomy. This detailed chart encompasses not only the G-spot itself but also its relation to adjacent anatomical features such as the vaginal wall, clitoris, and urethral sponge. By visually depicting the anatomy and the relationships between these critical elements of female sexual arousal and pleasure, the chart serves as an educational tool aimed at deepening the understanding of the G-spot's significance in sexual health. It underscores the G-spot's pivotal role in enhancing arousal, facilitating orgasm, and contributing to the richness of the sexual experience.


Designed for educational purposes, the chart serves as a valuable resource for sexuality practitioners, healthcare professionals, students, and anyone interested in the intricacies of female sexuality and genital anatomy.

Location of G-zone (G-spot)

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