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Andrew Barnes: Ethics in Practice

We are committed to maintaining a high standard of trauma-informed care, consent, and safety at our Tantric events. We are aware that the intimacy of some of our practices may be challenging, and as such, we have established guidelines and processes to support our participants and effectively respond to any circumstances that may arise. This page has a series of articles that outline our principles and ethical standards.

Andrew Barnes Tantra Ethics

The Heart of Our Ethics: Our Commitment 

At our events, we understand that everyone's journey is unique, and that's why we emphasise a respectful and supportive environment where you are guided to exercise agency over your own experience. Whether it's opting in or opting out or modifying your involvement in activities within the boundaries of the event, we recognise that you’re the expert on your own experiences, so your choices are encouraged and respected.

In this collaborative setting, 'consent' transcends the traditional notion of simply giving permission to proceed. Here, you're an active participant in shaping your own journey. You set your own pace, and you always have the option to ask for what you need, to say no, pause, or completely stop at any moment. Our event professionals are committed to creating an environment that feels emotionally and physically supportive, empowering you to create your own sense of safety.

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Andrew Barnes Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Standards

This serves as a set of guidelines for responding to any circumstances that may arise; also, for the operation of any events promoted on this website.

Andrew Barnes Tantric Body De-armouring Practitioner Training Trauma-Informed

Tantric De-armouring  


Practitioner Training 

An overview of what's needed for healing complex trauma, and what's realistically at Andrew Barnes's Tantric Body De-armouring practitioner training's scope of support.

Andrew Barnes Tantra retreat grievance process

Guidelines for Addressing Your Concerns

If you believe there's been a breach of our Code of Ethics, we have procedures for investigating and mediating grievances. We're here to listen and take your concerns seriously.

Andrew Barnes Accountability Process

Andrew Barnes Accountability Process

Andrew's accountability process for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct. Andrew's desire is to see action centered on healing, accountability and transparency.

Andrew Barnes Tantra Retreat Trauma Statement

Andrew Barnes Trauma-Informed Tantra Retreats

An overview of the resources, qualifications for healing complex trauma, and the realistic scope of support provided during Andrew Barnes's retreats.

Andrew Barnes Data Protection

Personal Data Protection GDPR

Our GDPR policy governs personal data protection and rights for participants, website visitors, and anyone who shares their personal data with us.

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