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Female Sexual Dysfunction Sessions with Andrew Barnes

Female Sexual Dysfunctions Online with Andrew Barnes

Discover a transformative journey towards holistic sexual wellness with a Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT) sessions for women with Sexual Integration Therapy. The focus is on creating a nurturing space to explore, develop agency, and enhance your sexual self-understanding, empowering you to fully embrace your unique sexuality and foster a healthier, more fulfilling sexual life. 

Here are some of the benefits of Sexual Integration Therapy for women

It's not uncommon for individuals to perceive their sexual difficulties - much like aspects of their personality or health - as inherent, deeply embedded aspects of their identity that cannot be altered. This mindset can often leave one feeling powerless, preventing the realisation that such elements can, indeed, be understood, reshaped, and addressed constructively in a solution-focussed way.

Such an outlook can cause us to underestimate or overlook the significance of various contributing factors. Elements such as our sexual beliefs, overall physical well-being, sexual self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, sex education, and our level of sexual autonomy and agency, all play a crucial role. We might also fail to fully comprehend the impact of past conditioning, including social and cultural influences, and personal experiences on our sexual perceptions and difficulties.

Neglecting these aspects can often lead to misconstrued understandings of our own sexuality, potentially culminating in sexual dysfunctions. Recognising and addressing these aspects can significantly contribute to sexual satisfaction and overcoming difficulties.

Embarking on a journey to optimal sexual health through Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT) is a transformative process. It's about unveiling your innate potential for profound pleasure, enhanced sexual confidence, and cultivating stronger, more intimate relationships. If you're here, you've already taken a significant step forward towards embracing this journey.

Improved Sexual Function​

Your sexual well-being is intricately linked to your overall sense of joy and fulfillment. If you've been grappling with issues like pain during intercourse, difficulty achieving orgasm, or reduced sexual desire, you're not alone - and importantly, there's support. Our mission is to guide you through your unique challenges, employing personalised trauma-informed strategies to enhance your sexual function. Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT) works with you, to resolve sexual difficulties, and equipping you with the tools to tap into your body's natural potential for sexual satisfaction and pleasure.


Enhanced Sexual Confidence

Confidence in the bedroom stems from understanding and accepting your sexual self, your limits and capacities, while also feeling comfortable expressing your desires. Feelings of embarrassment, shame, insecurity, resentment, anxiety, or decreased interest in sex often accompany and exacerbate sexual dysfunctions. Our goal is to assist you in dismantling these mental roadblocks, thereby enhancing your sexual self-confidence, autonomy, and agency. With renewed confidence, your sexual relationships can flourish, leading to an overall improvement in your sense of self and psychological well-being.


Better Relationship Dynamics

The journey to sexual well-being isn't only about individual exploration and growth but also about fostering healthier dynamics in your relationships. Sexual issues can strain your interactions with your partner, leading to miscommunication and misunderstandings. We approach sexual wellness comprehensively, understanding its profound influence on your relationships. By nurturing open dialogue, enhancing mutual understanding, and promoting intimacy, we aim to help you cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner.

Taking the first step towards improved sexual health is a courageous act of self-love and empowerment. As you walk this path, remember that every stride towards better sexual health is a stride towards a more vibrant, confident, and fulfilled version of yourself. We're here to walk alongside you on this path towards rediscovery, renewal, and revitalisation.


If you find yourself experiencing any of the following conditions or symptoms, a Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT) consultation could be beneficial:

Improved Sexual Function:

  • Struggling to reach orgasm alone or with a partner (Primary or Secondary Anorgasmia).

  • Being able to climax only through a specific method or with certain fantasies (Situational Anorgasmia).

  • Relying on a vibrator to achieve pleasure or orgasm.

  • Achieving orgasm only with intense clitoral stimulation (Clitoral Dependency).

  • Experiencing prolonged periods before feeling pleasure or reaching orgasm (Delayed Orgasm).

  • Inability to achieve female ejaculation or squirting.

  • Feeling persistent sexual arousal without any sexual stimulation or desire (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder).


Physical Issues and Sensations:

  • Experiencing pain, burning, or discomfort in your genitals during intercourse (Dyspareunia or Vulvodynia).

  • Sensing numbness in the genital area during sexual activities (Genital Sensory Loss).

  • Feeling uncomfortable muscular tension in the vagina or pelvis (Vaginismus or Vulvodynia).

  • Experiencing numbness or hypersensitivity in the clitoris.

  • Having difficulty becoming aroused or experiencing lubrication (Sexual Arousal Disorder).


Emotional and Psychological Factors:

  • Experiencing negative emotional responses during sexual activity (Dysphoric Sexual Arousal).

  • Experiencing a partial or complete lack of sexual pleasure or desire (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder for reduced desire, Anhedonia for lack of pleasurable sensation).

  • Struggling to relax during sexual activity (Vaginismus, Vulvodynia, or General Anxiety).

  • Suffering from performance anxiety or low sexual self-esteem (Performance Anxiety).

  • Having unresolved feelings of resentment towards a partner or broader gender-related issues (Psychosexual Stress or Unresolved Trauma).


Relational and Interpersonal Issues:

  • Facing challenges in communicating your sexual desires or boundaries (Personal Autonomy and Agency Issue).

  • Experiencing relationship challenges in the bedroom (Relational or Interpersonal Issues).


Other Health Considerations:

  • Recurring urinary tract or bladder infections (Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections).

Each individual's journey to sexual vitality and satisfaction is unique, and these are merely some of the situations where professional guidance can make a significant difference. It's essential to remember that there's no need to navigate these challenges alone. For a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of Sexual Integration Therapy (SIT), we recommend referring to our detailed blog post on the subject.

Please Note: While our Sexual Integration Therapy sessions for female sexual dysfunctions are trauma-informed and adhere to informed consent guidelines, it is essential to understand that the sessions are not designed to address or heal trauma directly. Individuals seeking support for trauma healing are encouraged to engage with a specialised trauma therapist who possesses the expertise and tools specific to that therapeutic journey.

Book an Initial Consultation with Andrew

In this 90-minute or 2-hour online session, we'll engage in a comprehensive discussion, exploring your concerns and aspirations. My aim is to understand your unique journey and provide tailored support. By season's end, I'll offer insights and potential paths forward to find practical solutions.

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