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Andrew Barnes Tantric Body De-armouring, Full Body Energy Orgasm, Dance and Relationships
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Create a heart-centred sexuality

Illuminate | Transform | Exhilarate

Andrew Barnes Tantric Sexuality Seminars & Education

Sexuality seminars

Attend immersive sessions in a safe space and return to your own home at the end of the day.

Andrew Barnes Tantric Body De-armouring & Energy Orgasm Retreats

Tantric retreats

A transformative live-in experience that facilitates deeper connections.

Andrew Barnes Tantric Cacao Orgastic Breath Dance Retreats

Orgastic Dance

A transformative practice that combines music, dance, and breath, unlocking intuitive self-expression.

Meet Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes’ worldview encourages us beyond the usual ways of enhancing our life experience. He draws from his wide-ranging experiences, bringing a distinctive presence, clarity, and approach to a broad array of topics. In addition to more conceptual tantric themes, he addresses daily issues: consent, power dynamics, accountability, sexuality, dance, pleasure, relationships, love, communication, behavioural patterns, vocation, and health. With sensitivity, he shares his insights with warmth, at times with irreverence, and a sense of humour. 

Andrew Barnes Tantric Faciliator

Evolve | Educate | Discover

Andrew Barnes Relationship & Sexual Dysfunctions Online Consultations

Online consultations

Prefer one-on-one guidance? Consult with Andrew to discover your unique path to growth.

Andrew Barnes Online Tantra Relationship & Sexuality Courses

Online courses

Complete training entirely at your own pace or attend virtual live sessions.

Andrew Barnes Tantric Sexuality Books Online Shop

Sexuality books

The online shop is coming soon. Stay tuned for books designed to enrich your life!

Will I be safe?

Any form of growth and expansion may come with moments of uncertainty or challenge. In all of our events, your well-being is the top priority. You'll have the autonomy to set your own pace, choose your level of involvement in all the activities, and to say no or pause or stop at any time. We're here to support your choices every step of the way.

Andrew Barnes Tantra Retreat Ethics

Read | Reflect | Reimagine

Andrew Barnes Tantra Contact US

Contact Us

We'll be in touch soon!

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