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Tantric Body De-armouring Practitioner Training with Andrew Barnes


Tantric Body De-armouring & Relationship Map Practitioner Training for Women

Embracing a New Relationship with Life

In a unique and flexible educational immersion, learn the art and skill of coaching participants into a deeper and richer relationship with life. Here, openness, intimacy, sexuality, creativity, vitality, passion, and love become the fundamental orientation to living.


“Our education is more than just techniques; it inspires individual creative expression and personal growth.”

Why Tantric Body De-armouring & Relationship Map Practitioner Training? 
Our program offers a wide range of topics, that includes practical bodywork skills, theoretical knowledge about psychosocial-sexuality, understanding ethical considerations, dealing with sexual dysfunctions, and more, that’s designed to prepare individuals to deliver informed sexuality sessions.

Exploring the Depths of Tantric Body De-armouring 
Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD) is a psychosomatic-based, client-centred modality that extends beyond physical practice, embracing mind, emotions, sexuality, physiology, energy, and spiritual consciousness. Through TBD sessions, individuals may uncover the connection between muscular tension, repressed emotions, belief systems, and various sexual dysfunctions that contribute to limiting patterns in behaviour, sexuality, and relationships.

The Relationship Map Process: Navigating Intimate Connections
Sexuality is intimately entwined with relationships. At the heart of our coaching program is the Relationship Map, a unique process that aids practitioners in supporting their clients to find the underlying causes of issues in their relationships. Beyond identifying problems, the Relationship Map facilitates understanding their origins and developing practical strategies to address them.

Integrating Practices: Combining Tantric Body De-armouring and Relationship Map Coaching 
The fusion of Tantric Body De-armouring and Relationship Map coaching offers an enriched path toward understanding and healing. By intertwining these approaches, practitioners can provide a comprehensive and transformative experience that addresses both the physical, emotional, and energetic aspects of relationships and sexuality.

The Essence of the Training 
Our training goes beyond education, offering a transformative journey that connects intuition, flow, sexuality, and intimacy. Trainees can find personal transformation, becoming empathetic and effective practitioners. The insights gained will equip them with the wisdom and compassion to guide others towards sexual fulfillment, vitality, and self-realisation.

A Hands-on Approach to Mastery 
At the core of the training is practice, including solo, partnered, and group activities. Participants will not only undergo personal transformation but will also become skilled practitioners, ready to guide others with empathy and insight. This hands-on experience fosters expertise, compassion, and integrity, providing a comprehensive and multi-dimensional approach in relationship and sexuality coaching.

A Cutting-Edge Fusion of Traditions 
Our program integrates coaching theory, Western Health Science, clinical sexology, and ancient transformational methods, representing the evolution of the relationship and sexuality field. More than a course, this journey unites diverse wisdom, crafting a holistic and innovative approach to coaching in relationships and sexuality.

Who is it for?
  • Women starting a new career or already working in related fields.
  • Women broadening and deepening knowledge about relationships and sexuality.

Training Curriculum & Timeline

What’s Included?
  • Online Education Courses:
  • Trauma-informed Care and Consent
  • Polyvagal Theory for Practitioners
  • Tantric Body De-Armouring for Practitioners

Experiential Live-in Practitioner Retreats:
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 Practitioner Training

Optional Extra:
Mentoring Sessions with Andrew Barnes can be organised at an additional fee. Please contact Andrew for further information. 

The training offers a comprehensive range of foundational and advanced techniques and practices. 

Understanding the Essence: Core Principles of Tantric Body De-armouring
  • Learn the foundations of Tantric Body De-armouring, covering the application of both feminine and masculine styles. 

Unfolding the Layers: Advanced Techniques for Female and Male Genital De-armouring 
  • Develop expertise in specific techniques tailored to both female and male clients, fostering a safe space for healing and empowerment.

Refining Self-Perception: Tantric Strategies to Enhance Body Image, Libido, and Orgasmic Potential 
  • Learn the intricate ways of Tantra that can refine body image, increase libido, and amplify the potential for pleasure.

Supporting Transformation: Guidance for Assisting Clients with Sexual Dysfunctions
  • Equip yourself with the tools and empathy required to assist clients in overcoming various sexual challenges and dysfunctions.

Unlocking the Physical: Understanding Trigger Points and Pain Pathways 
  • Master the understanding of trigger points and the paths of pain in the body, a critical aspect of bodywork and transformation.

Energising the Spirit: Breathwork in Tantra for Vital Energy Enhancement 
  • Explore the profound world of breathwork within Tantra, vital for energising and harmonising body and mind.

Mapping Pleasure: Exploration of Sexual Erogenous Zones 
  • Discover the human body's landscape of pleasure and learn how to navigate through the various erogenous zones.

Harnessing the Flow: Mastery in Cultivating and Channelling Sexual Energy
  • Cultivate the skill of channelling sexual energy, an essential aspect of Tantra, creating an enriching and fulfilling sexual experience for clients.

Practitioners will develop skills in providing Relationship Map sessions that encompass:
  • A Deeper Understanding of Relationships: Delving into the intricate dynamics and patterns within relationships.
  • Improved Communication Skills: Facilitating open dialogue and meaningful connections between clients.
  • Conflict Resolution: Implementing strategies to identify and resolve conflicts in a harmonious manner
  • ​Enhancing Clients' Relationship Satisfaction: Focusing on creating fulfilling and satisfying connections tailored to the individual needs and desires of each client.
Essential Information for Participants:
Trauma-Informed Care: At the outset of our event, we'll institute trauma-aware guidelines and retreat boundaries. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels completely respected and at ease, moving at a pace that aligns with their individual comfort.
Participant Autonomy: We prioritise a pressure-free environment. No participant is obliged to engage in any activity they're uncomfortable with. Everyone is empowered to determine their level of involvement, ensuring informed consent is always at the forefront.
Mutual Interaction: During our retreats, specific segments allow participants to practice techniques through mutual interaction, such as partnered exercises or small group activities. Any couples attending the events have the option to partner together or be paired with other participants. Individuals attending the retreats are paired with other participants through a carefully and thoughtfully structured group process. This method cultivates a harmonious environment and enriches the integrity of the group experience.
Participation Choices: These opportunities to explore and embody the principles taught are entirely optional, and individual choice is prioritised. Alternatives are provided for those who prefer not to participate in these sessions, and facilitators ensure all interactions are conducted with care, respect, and adherence to guidelines and personal boundaries.
Limitations of Our Expertise: While our training encompasses trauma-informed care and informed consent, we aren't equipped or accredited to address deep-seated trauma. Those seeking trauma-related healing should consult a certified trauma therapist or medical professional.
Event Purpose: Note that no trauma therapists or medical experts will be present during our event. The purpose of this retreat is educational and recreational. If you have concerns about attending, we advise you to consult with a medical professional to determine if this event is suitable for you.
Male Facilitator: While the retreat is tailored to women, Andrew Barnes will be facilitating the sessions, assisted by female team members.
Nudity and Boundaries: Some activities might offer optional degrees of nudity and mutual consensual interaction with other participants. Your personal boundaries will always be held in the highest regard. Whether you choose to participate in nude activities, stay fully clothed, or not participate in mutual activities, your choice is wholly respected and welcomed.
Designed for Assigned Female at Birth: While we strive for inclusivity in all our events, this specific retreat is intentionally crafted for those who were assigned female at birth, based on physical characteristics and XX chromosomes. Our goal is to create a harmonious environment tailored to the unique experiences and needs of this group.
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