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Expanding Women's Sexuality Retreat

Czech Republic

Event Description

To register please contact Jana at Explore new ways to embody your sexual energy as a creative force. By harnessing this energy as your source of inspiration, motivation, and ecstatic states, you can begin to access expanded states of consciousness. Integrate sexual energy into your spiritual practice. Learn more about the benefits of expanding your sexuality by visiting our blog. Some of what you’ll explore during the retreat: ✳ Develop a deeper understanding of female and male sexuality and pleasure ✳ Understand the full body orgasm ✳ Release stress and tension with Yoni (genital) massage ✳ Perform and receive uterus and cervix de-armouring ✳ Rediscover conscious touch, affection, and pleasure ✳ Participate in intuitive dance and cacao orgasmic breath dance sessions ✳ Participate in sexual energy mediations to raise your vibration and vitality ✳ Practice Kundalini Yoga to strengthen your nervous system and tolerate more pleasure ✳ Participate in a Sananga ceremony We provide nutritious and delicious vegan gluten-free food, designed to support your experience. Things to note: ✳ At the beginning of our event, we'll establish trauma-informed guidelines and boundaries so every participant feels fully honoured, and supported in moving only as fast and as far as they choose. View the Ethics tab of this website for more information on our approach to trauma. ✳ We are not qualified to heal trauma. We're trained in trauma-informed care and consent. For trauma, we recommend you seek support from a trauma therapist or medical practitioner. ✳ There'll be no trauma therapists or medical practitioners at this event. If you are unsure, it’s advised that you seek guidance from a medical practitioner to ascertain your readiness to attend this event. ✳ Some exercises involve nudity and touch. You determine your level of involvement; you can remain fully clothed at all times if you prefer. Your boundaries will be highly respected. We'll create a social group without peer pressure. ✳ This transformational event requires attendees to maintain self-responsibility with the facilitators and other attendees. Language: English with Czech translation When: 18th - 23rd October Where: ​​Center Ziva Voda, Czech Republic Pricing options: ✳ Gold | €860 | Bed in three- to six-bed room with detoxification food ✳ Silver | €850 | Mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food