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Body De-armouring Practitioner Training

Czech Republic

Event Description

To register please contact Jana at In a unique and flexible educational immersion, learn the art and skill of coaching participants into a deeper and richer relationship with life—where openness, intimacy, sexuality, creativity, vitality, passion and love become the fundamental orientation to living. Tantric Body De-armouring, Full Body Energy Orgasm & Relationship Practitioner Training offers a new way to approach sexuality, relationships, and being alive. Our emphasis is on being comfortable with feeling in each moment to experience greater intuition in our day-to-day life, as well as greater depth in our sexuality and intimacy. At the heart of this retreat is practice: Trainee practitioners and participants have an opportunity for the direct experience of transforming their relationships and capacity for bliss states in the entire body. This becomes a gateway for discovery of what we want in life as a whole. Tantric Body De-armouring, Full Body Energy Orgasm & Relationship Practitioner Training is an integration of cutting-edge coaching theory, integrating Western Health Science, clinical sexology, evidence-based practice with ancient Tantric, Eastern, and Esoteric transformational methods, with simple yet transformational relationship and sexuality philosophies. This retreat is for women who: ✳ Want to start a new career in the field of sexuality or Tantra. ✳ Are working in the sexuality or Tantra fields. ✳ Are working in health, wellness, massage, coaching or medical fields. ✳ Want to broaden and deepen their personal knowledge and experience about relationships and sexuality. Language: English with Czech translation Where: Center Ziva Voda, ​​Czech Republic When: ✳ Retreat 1 | 25th March – 31st March 2023 ✳ Retreat 2 | 3rd June – 9th June 2024 ✳ Retreat 3 | 28th October – 3rd November 2024 Pricing options: ✳ Gold 4-day | €562 | Bed in three- to six-bed rooms with detoxification food ✳ Silver 4-day | €554 | Mattress in meditation hall with detoxification food