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Demystifying Female Genitalia: Chapter 2 - The Non-Erect and Erect Clitoris, Clitoral Body, Vestibular Bulbs


Chapter 2 of the book "Demystifying Female Genitalia" sets off on a captivating exploration of one of the most intriguing questions in the realm of Non-Erect and Erect Clitoris, Clitoral Body, and Vestibular Bulbs: What develops first – the clitoris or the penis? This question serves as a gateway to a deeper understanding of not only our sexual anatomy but also the fascinating and often bizarre interplay of societal, medical, and psychological factors that have historically influenced perceptions of the female body.

Anatomy Chart of the Vulva and Cross Section of the Clitoris By Andrew Barnes
Anatomy Chart of the Vulva and Cross Section of the Clitoris By Andrew Barnes

Unveiling the Anatomy of Arousal

At the heart of this chapter is an in-depth examination of the clitoris, an organ whose sole function is pleasure, yet remains largely misunderstood. We navigate through the clitoral components and dimensions, illustrating its intricate arousal architecture. This chapter not only educates but also celebrates the sophistication and significance of female sexual anatomy.


Historical Perspectives on Sexual Anatomy

The journey continues with a contrast between the Galenic penis-vagina model and the Hippocratic penis-clitoris mirror model, revealing how ancient medical theories have shaped modern understandings of sexuality. These contrasting canvases highlight the evolving, and often conflicting, views on female sexual and genital anatomy through the ages.


More Than Skin Deep

This chapter doesn't just stop at the surface; it invites readers on a detailed exploration of the clitoris's internal architecture, a subject often absent from mainstream sexual education. Through engaging text and vivid illustrations, we uncover the descending and ascending clitoral body, the clitoral crus (legs), and the vestibular bulbs—components crucial for understanding the full anatomy of pleasure.


Moreover, the chapter addresses the dynamic nature of the clitoris, showcasing how it transitions between non-erect and erect states. These illustrations and photographs provide a clear, comprehensive view of the clitoral response to arousal, debunking myths and illuminating the physiological processes behind sexual pleasure. By highlighting these aspects, the chapter enhances our appreciation for the complexity and functionality of the clitoris, further emphasising its role in female sexuality.


Societal and Medical Narratives

The chapter explores the rise of medical authority and Freud's controversial theories on female sexuality, including the notion of the "immature clitoris." We explore how these perspectives contributed to the marginalisation of the clitoris in medical practice and the broader cultural war on masturbation, spearheaded by figures like Kellogg.


The Evolution of Female Sexuality

As we navigate through the historical milestones from the vilification of masturbation to the ambiguous nature of female sexuality, the chapter presents a thorough critique of how societal norms and medical authority have often worked in tandem to curb women's sexual desire and self-esteem. The discussion includes pivotal moments like the "vaginal orgasm" gaining prominence and the impact of contraception on women's sexual autonomy.


Confronting Myths and Celebrating Reality

Returning to the foundational question, the chapter concludes by demystifying the developmental timeline of the clitoris and the penis, reinforcing the importance of accurate, comprehensive sexual education. It's a powerful reminder of the need to challenge outdated myths and embrace the rich wonder of human sexuality.



Chapter 2 is more than a historical recount or an anatomical lecture; it's an invitation to rethink and reframe our understanding of female sexuality. By tracing the developmental origins of sexual organs and uncovering the layers of societal influence, we're called to acknowledge the profound impact of historical perceptions on current attitudes towards the clitoris and female pleasure.


In "Demystifying Female Genitalia," we're not just exploring anatomy; we're uncovering the deeply entrenched narratives that have shaped our sexual identities and relationships. Join me in this enlightening journey as we continue to challenge, learn, and celebrate the wonders of female sexuality, one chapter at a time.


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