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Expanding Women's Sexuality Retreats with Andrew Barnes Tantra Teacher


Développer la sexualité des femmes

Détenez le pouvoir transformateur

En établissant un lien profond avec ses désirs, son plaisir et son pouvoir sexuel, une femme peut déclencher une myriade d’influences positives qui résonnent dans son essence même. Cet éveil du potentiel a la capacité d’enrichir et d’améliorer de nombreux aspects de sa vie, notamment sa croissance personnelle, ses relations, sa carrière et son estime de soi.

Begin a journey to explore new dimensions of your sexual energy, transforming it into a creative life force woven into your daily existence. By harnessing this vibrant energy, you'll tap into an inexhaustible source of inspiration, motivation, and ecstatic states, allowing sexual energy to become an integral part of your spiritual practice.

Attending a female sexuality retreat is more than just a simple getaway; it represents a journey into the deepest facets of one's self, with the focused attention that comes from having a women-only environment. In this secure and nurturing space, women have the unique opportunity to reconnect with their inherent sensuality, explore the rich intricacies of sexual energy, and bolster their overall well-being. 

Through immersion in practices that stimulate both sexual and creative energies, participants can forge a stronger connection with themselves and enhance their relationships with others. Whether the goal is to recover from sexual dysfunction, cultivate greater pleasure, or venture into new realms of sexual empowerment, a female sexuality retreat offers the essential tools, expert guidance, and supportive community to nourish and elevate every dimension of a woman's life.

Find Solutions and Evolve
Uncover ways to overcome limiting beliefs, past stressors, sexual dysfunctions, and lifestyle choices that dampen your vitality. Embrace new concepts and skills to enhance the integration of mature feminine and masculine qualities, deepening your experience in relationships, pleasure, and sexuality.

Understanding your sexuality can profoundly enrich how you communicate and interact with others, amplifying the flow of sexual energy during lovemaking. This awareness opens the door to full-body energetic orgasmic experiences, creating a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Revitalise Your Energy
Learn how to rejuvenate your sexual and vital energies with specially crafted pelvic movements and exercises. Focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, incorporating harmonious breathing and energy flow to improve the flexibility and function of the pelvic area.

A Creative Evolution
Sexual energy and vitality are integral to human evolution. The journey includes Tantric practices, joyousness, dance, play, togetherness, authenticity, nutrition, ceremony, sensual movement, living in the present, music, and practical wisdom exploration.

Here's a glimpse of what awaits you during the Expanding Female Sexuality Retreat:
  • Tantric Body De-armouring: Release stress and tension with Yoni massage and body de-armouring, including uterus and cervix release. Of course, participation is optional.
  • Addressing Sexual Dysfunctions: Engage with specialised guidance and supportive practices tailored to understand and recover from sexual dysfunctions, supporting to rebuild a healthy and fulfilling sexual connection with oneself and others. 
  • Reconnection to Sensual Self: Rediscover the art of conscious touch, affection, and pleasure, elevating your sensual awareness. 
  • Challenging Sexual Assumptions: Reframe perceptions about females, males, sexual pleasure, and orgasm, paving the way for a richer sexual experience. 
  • Exploration of Sexuality and Pleasure: Delve into full-body energy orgasms and the dynamics of female and male sexual pleasure.
  • Embodied Expression: Engage in orgastic sensual dance to connect with your wildness and intuition, allowing your inner self to flow freely. 
  • Energy Work and Vitality Boosting: Utilise sexual energy meditations and Kundalini Yoga to elevate your vibrational frequency and fortify your nervous system's capacity for pleasure.
  • Unique Practices and Ceremonies: Dive into unique experiences like Cacao orgasmic breath dance meditations and the Sananga ceremony, designed to awaken and invigorate your sexual and spiritual being.
Personal Growth and Lifestyle Practices
  • Meditative Strength: Engage in meditations to fortify the nervous system's capacity to tolerate expanded pleasure.
  • Cacao Dance and Wildness Connection: Embrace your flow through dance, and connect with your intuitive, primal energy.
  • Nutrition and Vitality: Explore the connection between diet and energy, focusing on nutrition that enhances vitality and well-being.
  • Sananga Ritual: Click here to learn more about Sananga ceremonies on Tantra retreats
Join us in creating a transformative evolution by raising sexual energy and increasing vitality. This journey is infused with Tantric practices, joy, orgastic dance, playfulness, authenticity, nutritious choices, ceremonial experience, sensual contact movement, presence in the moment, musical exploration, and pragmatic wisdom.

Essential Information for Participants:
Trauma-Informed Care: At the outset of our event, we'll institute trauma-aware guidelines and retreat boundaries. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels completely respected and at ease, moving at a pace that aligns with their individual comfort.
Participant Autonomy: We prioritise a pressure-free environment. No participant is obliged to engage in any activity they're uncomfortable with. Everyone is empowered to determine their level of involvement, ensuring informed consent is always at the forefront.
Mutual Interaction: During our retreats, specific segments allow participants to practice techniques through mutual interaction, such as partnered exercises or small group activities. Any couples attending the events have the option to partner together or be paired with other participants. Individuals attending the retreats are paired with other participants through a carefully and thoughtfully structured group process. This method cultivates a harmonious environment and enriches the integrity of the group experience.
Participation Choices: These opportunities to explore and embody the principles taught are entirely optional, and individual choice is prioritised. Alternatives are provided for those who prefer not to participate in these sessions, and facilitators ensure all interactions are conducted with care, respect, and adherence to guidelines and personal boundaries.
Limitations of Our Expertise: While our training encompasses trauma-informed care and informed consent, we aren't equipped or accredited to address deep-seated trauma. Those seeking trauma-related healing should consult a certified trauma therapist or medical professional.
Event Purpose: Note that no trauma therapists or medical experts will be present during our event. The purpose of this retreat is educational and recreational. If you have concerns about attending, we advise you to consult with a medical professional to determine if this event is suitable for you.
Male Facilitator: While the retreat is tailored to women, Andrew Barnes will be facilitating the sessions, assisted by female team members.
Nudity and Boundaries: Some activities might offer optional degrees of nudity and mutual consensual interaction with other participants. Your personal boundaries will always be held in the highest regard. Whether you choose to participate in nude activities, stay fully clothed, or not participate in mutual activities, your choice is wholly respected and welcomed.
Designed for Assigned Female at Birth: While we strive for inclusivity in all our events, this specific retreat is intentionally crafted for those who were assigned female at birth, based on physical characteristics and XX chromosomes. Our goal is to create a harmonious environment tailored to the unique experiences and needs of this group.

Click here to see Andrew Barnes Tantric Retreats Trauma Statement.

Étendre les retraites sur la sexualité des femmes

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