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Expanding Male Sexuality Seminar with Andrew Barnes


Expanding Male Sexuality

Maximum Potenial

This seminar aims to shift this focus towards energetic sexual perspectives that can lead to transformative states of bliss for both partners.

A common stereotype that female sexuality is often labelled as "mysterious" or "complex”. However, male sexuality also has its layers of complexity. For example, many people may not be aware that men can experience multiple full-body energetic orgasms without the act of ejaculation. This facet of male sexual experience defies the more commonly held beliefs about male sexuality being straightforward or solely focused on ejaculation, opening up new dialogues about what men can also achieve in their sexual experiences.

The Pitfalls of Porn
Pornography is significant source of sexual information worldwide, and is primarily designed for entertainment and not education. As such, it often provides a skewed or unrealistic view of sexual relationships, expectations, and behaviours. The term "money shot" is slang that originated in the context of pornography to refer to male ejaculation, symbolising the culmination of male pleasure, and is often considered the most important or saleable moment. 

The ‘harder, faster, stronger’ view of sexual activity in porn, can obscure the experiences that lead to genuine intimacy. As a result, many people have been conditioned to overly rely on friction-based techniques in lovemaking, often turning the experience into a goal-oriented exercise toward male ejaculation. 

The Cycle of Ejaculatory Addiction
Many people operate under the misconception that men being ejaculation-centric is natural rather than a way to release stress often becoming addictive. This addiction significantly contributes to relationship issues. Addressing it is crucial for the evolution of personal relationships and, by extension, societal wellbeing.

The Drawbacks of Learning About Sex on Your Own
Even when men are not swayed by distorted online narratives, they might still develop misconceptions about female anatomy based on their own pleasuring techniques. This results in an emphasis on friction-based methods and fleeting orgasms, missing out on a fuller, richer sexual experience.

What you all learn about: 
  • Your Personal Sexual Compass: Recognising that men have a sexual cycle and learning how to use it effectively.
  • The Complexity of Orgasm: Exploring the differences and similarities between women and men’s orgasms.
  • Beyond the Basics: How men can diversify their orgasmic experience and lovemaking techniques.
  • Unlocking New Heights: Achieving full-body multiple orgasms without ejaculating.
  • Orgasm vs. Ejaculation: Understanding the distinct difference between ejaculation and orgasm.
  • Emotional Healing and Sexual Function: Addressing early ejaculation and erection problems through mindset, breathing, and emotional healing.
  • Breaking Free from Addiction: Overcoming men’s addiction to ejaculation.
  • Addressing Women's Frustrations: Understanding common pain points for women during sexual interactions and strategies to overcome them.
  • Towards Deeper Connection: Achieving heightened intimacy and emotional closeness.
  • Mutual Energetic Orgasms: How women can experience extended full-body energetic orgasms with a man.
  • Consciousness and Bliss: Riding the wave of female pleasure as a conduit for men to attain higher states of consciousness and bliss.
The Tantric Edge
Through understanding and applying straightforward Tantric techniques, men and women can open up endless avenues for sexual exploration and spiritual expansion. Not only can men overcome their ejaculation addiction and improve their relationships, but they can also learn to use their sexual energy as a catalyst for enhanced living, emotional health, and expanded states of consciousness.
Upon completing this seminar, you'll walk away with more than just a comprehensive understanding of male sexuality; you'll also feel empowered to reclaim your sexual knowledge and self-authority. This experience extends beyond just discussing sexuality—it's about reclaiming your sexual identity and autonomy.
  • This seminar is purely informative; you won't be asked to participate practically. You're welcome to apply what you've learned later, in the comfort and privacy of your own space.
  • This seminar welcomes individuals of all sexes and genders, creating an inclusive space for everyone to gain insights and understanding. The focus is on fostering a diverse environment where all attendees can feel comfortable and engaged in the conversation about male sexuality.

Tantric Body De-armouring Practitioner training for Women

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