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Andrew Barnes Orgastic Breath Dance Meditation Nights


 Cacao Orgastic Breath Dance Nights 

 The Divine Elixir 

Are you ready to discover new dimensions of beauty, wonder, and exquisite pleasure?

Join us for a transformative evening where ancient practices meet modern wisdom. Immerse yourself in the enriching blend of cacao ceremony, Tantric breathing, and dance meditation.

The Power of Cacao
The Incas revered cacao as the divine elixir. And now, you have the chance to experience the raw power of theobroma cacao—a name which literally translates to "god's drink" in Greek. Loaded with more than 300 nourishing nutrients, cacao elevates serotonin levels, relieving depression and boosting libido. It also contains anandamide, commonly known as the "bliss molecule," eliciting feelings of euphoria.

This sacred cacao ceremony has been practised by nature-based cultures in Central America for 1000’s of years. This Tantric breathing-dancing meditation will gently yet powerfully expand your heart, liberate your erotic nature, and awaken profound insights into yourself and your relationships

Unveil The Pleasure Within
So, picture yourself in a supportive environment with other loving souls drinking raw cacao paste – then dancing and Tantric breathing your way into prolonged ecstatic states. What doors of perception might fly open within you as you liberate your erotic energies to flow through your body into new dimensions of beauty, wonder, and the exquisite pleasure of being?

The Orgastic Breath Dance Mediation moves us beyond the mind and into higher levels of awareness. Through dance, music and Tantric breath we raise the vibrational frequency within every cell of our body. And we learn to direct our sexual life force energy up the spine to light up the thymus gland (heart charka), thyroid gland (throat chakra), pineal gland (3rd eye chakra), and pituitary gland (crown chakra). Through this process, our sexual energy becomes a spiritual platform for accessing extraordinary states of reality. 

What to Expect:
  • A supportive and sacred environment
  • Elevation of your heart and raise your vibration
  • Lots of fun and joy

How to Prepare, if possible:
  • Avoid caffeine on the day of the event
  • Fast for at least three hours prior
  • Bring a yoga mat, head cushion, light blanket
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing (Note: There is no nudity or touching involved)
  • Bring ample water in a sealable drinking container, and some fruits or nuts for the ceremony's conclusion

Cacao Orgastic Breath Dance Meditation Nights

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