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Тантрическо деброниране на тялото

Открийте еликсира на високата вибрация и вътрешния потенциал

През цялата история много духовни и религиозни традиции са се застъпвали за отричане, наказване, бягство или надхвърляне на тялото и сексуалността в преследване на духовно извисяване. Тези практики често търсят изкупление чрез вина или страх, третирайки тялото и сексуалната енергия като бариери, които трябва да бъдат преодолени.

Но какво ще стане, ако вместо това тялото се почита като мост към по-висшето съзнание, където любовта естествено вдъхновява изкупление? Ами ако нашата сексуална енергия е проводник към пречистване, блаженство, духовно пробуждане и изобилие?

A Glimpse into the Retreat Experience
Andrew Barnes commenced the development of Tantric Body De-armouring in 1998. His purpose was to ready the body and the vagus nerve for the potential experience of expanded orgasm, altered states of consciousness, or Kundalini awakenings. Without such preparation or de-armouring, this elevated experience of pleasure and expansion could become too intense for the mind and nervous system to handle. However, with proper guidance and preparation, these profound experiences can be not only manageable but deeply nourishing and transformative.
Awakening Vibrational Potential
In this retreat, participants will receive the keys to an awakened existence, amplifying their vibrational frequency. In our supportive sanctuary, participants can shed the armour constraining their true energetic potential and tap into the boundless energy of their sexual life-force.
The Vitality of Tantric Body De-armouring
Through Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD), we address the unresolved tensions and emotional imbalances that limit our vibrational state. Many find themselves caught in a continuous cycle of self-healing. However, TBD provides more than just a pathway to sexual ecstasy and spiritual growth. It offers avenues to autonomy, agency, wellness, relationship vitality, and discovering one's life purpose. TBD offers a transformative solution, breaking this cycle and lessening the perpetual feeling of needing to 'heal ourselves'.
Cultivating High-Vibrational States
In our retreat, we will prime our bodies and vagus nerve safely in preparation to cultivate high-vibrational bliss states. These states lay the groundwork for accessing expanded states of consciousness, enabling participants to move beyond victim mentalities and overcome feelings of powerlessness, release deep-seated patterns, enhance brain chemistry, and activate dormant cognitive and intuitive abilities.
The Dance of Ancestral Wisdom and Tantric Body De-armouring
Venturing into the expansive realm of personal development, it's essential to understand that our growth journey is not just an accumulation of experiences. It's a dance between our conscious intentions and the intricate DNA and genetic code passed down from our ancestors. Tapping into this ancestral wisdom can be a powerful source of resilience, empathy and love. As highlighted in our blog post "Turn On Maximally: A Transgenerational Epigenetic Awakening," actions taken in transformative environments, like Tantric Body De-armouring, can profoundly influence and positively harness our genetic expression. This interplay, rooted in unlocking the beneficial aspects of our ancestral code, is the magic of epigenetics.
Explore the Power of Tantric Body De-armouring (TBD) 
Engage in a transformative journey where you'll develop the art of giving and receiving TBD, setting the stage for intensified energetic orgasmic states.
During this enlightening event, you'll have the opportunity to explore:
  • Mastering Tantric Body De-armouring: Learn both the art of giving and receiving for maximal effect, in a trauma-informed way. 
  • Preparation Techniques: Ready a receiver for the potent TBD session. 
  • Body's Secrets: Decode trigger points and discern the muscles inhibiting expansive orgasmic experiences. 
  • Energetic Channels: Cultivate, intensify, and direct sexual energy towards the upper echelons of your chakras and pineal gland. 
  • Harnessing Sexual Energy: Transition from being driven by sheer willpower and adrenaline to harnessing the rejuvenating endorphins from your own sexual energy. 
  • Vagus Nerve Rewiring: Modify your nervous system's response, amplifying your pleasure threshold. 
  • Blissful Liberation: Free your potential to resonate with bliss across every cell. 
  • Breath Enhancement: Engage in practices that optimise and expand your breathing capacity, facilitating deeper connection, energy flow, and heightened states of awareness.
  • Rhythmic Movement: Explore the transformative power of dance, utilising rhythmic expressions to unlock emotional blockages and celebrate the body's innate wisdom and pleasure.
  • Authentic Expression: Embrace and showcase your unique sensual and sexual signature. 
  • The Relationship Map & Life Integration: Implement our novel solution-focused Relationship Map process seamlessly into all of your relationships and daily interactions. 
  • Transformative Rituals: Experience the metamorphic powers of the Reconciliation Ritual for Women and Men, Cacao Orgasmic Breath Dance Meditation, and Sananga Ritual. Click here to learn more about Sananga ceremonies on Tantra retreats
Empowerment and Expression
True empowerment springs from a deep awareness and unabridged acceptance of oneself, twinned with the liberty to voice our innermost truths. This retreat is an immersive blend of introspection, exhilaration, and expansion. It's an odyssey into greater personal liberation, self-realisation, and zest for life.
Open to individuals, couples, and all regardless of gender or sexual orientation, this retreat serves as a portal to uncharted realms of self and unparalleled potentialities. While not designed as a practitioner's course, many professionals value the unique techniques and perspectives presented. 
Important Information for Participants:
  • Trauma-Informed Care: At the outset of our event, we'll institute trauma-aware guidelines and retreat boundaries. Our goal is to ensure that each participant feels completely respected and at ease, moving at a pace that aligns with their individual comfort.
  • Participant Autonomy: We prioritise a pressure-free environment. No participant is obliged to engage in any activity they're uncomfortable with. Everyone is empowered to determine their level of involvement, ensuring informed consent is always at the forefront.
  • Mutual Interaction: During our retreats, specific segments allow participants to practice techniques through mutual interaction, such as partnered exercises or small group activities. Any couples attending the events have the option to partner together or be paired with other participants. Individuals attending the retreats are paired with other participants through a carefully and thoughtfully structured group process. This method cultivates a harmonious environment and enriches the integrity of the group experience.
  • Participation Choices: These opportunities to explore and embody the principles taught are entirely optional, and individual choice is prioritised. Alternatives are provided for those who prefer not to participate in these sessions, and facilitators ensure all interactions are conducted with care, respect, and adherence to guidelines and personal boundaries.
  • Limitations of Our Expertise: While our training encompasses trauma-informed care and informed consent, we aren't equipped or accredited to address deep-seated trauma. Those seeking trauma-related healing should consult a certified trauma therapist or medical professional.
  • Event Purpose: Note that no trauma therapists or medical experts will be present during our event. The purpose of this retreat is educational and recreational. If you have concerns about attending, we advise you to consult with a medical professional to determine if this event is suitable for you.
  • Nudity and Boundaries: Some activities might offer optional degrees of nudity and mutual consensual interaction with other participants. Your personal boundaries will always be held in the highest regard. Whether you choose to participate in nude activities, stay fully clothed, or not participate in mutual activities, your choice is wholly respected and welcomed.
Click here to see Andrew Barnes Tantric Retreats Trauma-informed Statement.
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