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About Andrew Barnes Tantra Teacher

Навигиране в човешкия опит с Андрю Барнс

Here is an overview of Andrew's professional background, his passion for holistic growth, tantric sexual energy awakening, orgasmic resonance, his mistakes and missteps, and his unique approach to fostering individual autonomy and agency

Andrew Barnes' worldview encourages exploration beyond the usual ways of enhancing life experience. Drawing on a rich tapestry of experiences, insights, and even the lessons learned from mistakes and missteps, he brings a clear and distinctive presence, transparency, and approach. In addition to conceptual themes like sexual energy meditation, orgasmic expansion, vibrational awareness, and pineal gland activation, he addresses daily issues such as consent, relationships, love, pleasure, sexual dysfunctions, communication, limiting behavioural patterns, and health. With sensitivity and warmth, and at times irreverence and humour, he shares his insights.

Andrew holds a Master of Health Science (Sexual Health) and five diplomas in various disciplines of bodywork and energy healing. Since 1998, he has been facilitating sexuality and bodywork seminars, courses, retreats, and coaching sessions, and to date, he has facilitated events in 49 countries. His creations include:


Additionally, he is the author of the books:


Andrew's passion is founded in his desire to facilitate transformative growth in others, guiding them toward a heightened awareness of unconscious beliefs and behaviours that often limit their potential. By assisting them to recognise and navigate these hidden barriers, he empowers them to encompass their vibrational resonance and energetic attunement, and to love more with less fear, allowing for a fuller, more enriched life experience. This journey involves not only self-awareness but a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, sexuality, energy, and spirit.

Andrew's approach extends beyond conventional wisdom, uncovering the untapped transformative power of sexual energy. He shows how this primal force, often misunderstood or overlooked, can be harnessed as a spiritual catalyst. He facilitates methods and techniques to channel this energy, transforming it into a rejuvenating force that transcends physical pleasure, reaching into realms of emotional harmonisation, consciousness expansion, and even material abundance. His approach weaves together ancient wisdom with modern insights, making them accessible and relevant to contemporary life. The result is a holistic framework that opens new pathways for personal and spiritual growth, and sexual and orgasmic revolution, where sexual energy becomes a key to unlocking potential and aligning with one's true purpose.

With a focused commitment to autonomy and agency, Andrew assists others in reclaiming their personal power, fostering communication, and defining clear, healthy boundaries, even in the face of authority. Having gone through many personal and professional transformations, including undergoing an enlightening accountability process, and having professional supervision with Betty Martin since 2021, Andrew builds his retreats on the foundational pillars of trauma-informed care, trauma-informed touch, and trauma-informed consent. These principles support in creating nurturing and flexible environments that adapt to individual needs, fostering growth and enriching experiences.

Andrew has been a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society since 2009, a recognition available only to the top 15% of undergraduate and postgraduate university students worldwide. More information can be found at


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